Science is perhaps the most incredible development for the betterment of humanity over the centuries. It’s been the pathway directing us from superstition and ignorance to roads of objective discovery and reality.

I’m in wondrous awe at the incredible discoveries and contributions to knowledge science has given to humanity since the religion-controlled dark ages. Science is absolutely incredible! Many of my heroes are scientists throughout history.

We would most definitely still be operating in stupidity and ignorance were it not for the growth of science and the scientific method.

However, science is not practiced by infallible gods. It’s conducted by humans – complete with human frailties in reasoning, logic, biases, irrationalities, ego, greed, paradigms, and social/professional pressures. Just because someone is educated in science and employed in the academic/scientific realm doesn’t mean they aren’t going to make mistakes and have their brain clouded by paradigmatic dogma.

When Scientists and their devout supporters blindly adhere to defending the orthodox status quo, never question paradigm science, and denigrate any challengers presenting anomalous evidence- they cease to be Scientists and instead become devout followers of “Scientism” (Dogma Disciples TM)

What is Scientism?

Scientism is basically (naively) an understanding that science should be approached and conducted in a specifically scientific methodology. That’s innocent enough and actually a true representation of what it should be.

The meaning though has become something a bit more different. It’s now a title that denotes an orthodox, dogmatic control of knowledge and understanding. It’s come to represent staunch materialism.

Essentially if it can’t be objectively studied by “Science” then it doesn’t exist – or is explained ONLY in materialistic terms.

Therefore, claims of paranormal activity, ESP, NDE (Near Death Experience), Holistic Healing, UFOs, etc., etc., etc. cannot be given any credence at all. Their purveyors are delusional and charlatans – no matter the evidence. Consciousness can’t be really studied by Scientism, so it’ll be relegated to misunderstood processes of the meat that is the brain.

And even outside of paranormal claims, anything outside of normal, paradigm, orthodox science will NOT be accepted or tolerated. Scientism is a religion that must NOT be accepted at any cost.

What to do about Scientism?

I actually feel sorry for Scientism’s devout followers (Dogma DisciplesTM). They’re blindly refusing to entertain and visit what most likely are the most incredible wonders and mysteries of the universe – simply because they can’t be studied and measured by today’s laboratory instruments and gauges, or they don’t match the claims of paradigm science.

Anomalies be damned! We can’t have any push back of orthodox science!  We ARE the Science!

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