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This category could hold SO much! For me it denotes those things on this earth and in my life that evoke a deep appreciation and attraction; a soulful resonance within me.

It could range from . . . .

  • as simple as making a detailed and appreciative observance of a blooming flower, tiny insect, attractive landscape garden, or
  • as soul-touching as a beautiful piece of music, a particularly attractive work of art, a beautiful person, or
  • as romantic as the impressive architecture and rich history of beautiful & historic cities of the world, or
  • as breathtaking as grandiose canyons, gorges, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, forests, or
  • as amazing as seeing a galaxy, nebulae, star cluster, Jupiter and its moons, or the rings of Saturn in a telescope

. . . . and these are just a few examples.

If you gain nothing from the above experiences this site (and certainly this category of topics) isn’t intended for you. I write for those who experience an internal leap of joy within their heart & soul for the type of experiences I noted above.

For my purpose the most sensible sub-categories that would encompass what’s intended are:

  • Arts & Architecture
  • Beauty & Nature
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Romanticism

Arts & Architecture

This will include posts about various works of art and architecture that appeal to me and have a certain resonance with my soul. It will include individual works but also entire ‘movements’ of Art & Architecture, as well as the people who create them.

Simply Beautiful

Obviously “Beauty” can include just about everything in this category, but in this specific sense I’ll be touching upon things such as human beauty, music, romanticism, beautiful landscape gardens, and gorgeous outdoor nature. I may even throw in particular pieces of ‘elegant thinking’ (a term my friend Tristan Von Elrik exposed me to).


Literature & Poetry

This will be my weakest category for sure, but one I wish to address none-the-less. I’ll be writing about specific, books, poems, and movies that emote a sense of beauty, adventure and soul-touching resonance – even if it’s less about beauty and more about truth. Truth, after all, is beautiful in itself.


This will include posts about anything and everything that provides a sense of Romanticism to living. There will be overlap with some of the other ‘beauty’ categories, but I’ll also bring up a variety of topics that include a love and romance, heroes, visionaries, value-producers, and a celebration of man’s positive achievements. I guess you could say it will involve a certain level of idealism.

Embrace the magic, the possible, the adventure, the romanticism. Don’t settle for the dull day-to-day without having something to help drive your passion!

(Featured image by James L. Patterson)