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Dispatches From Elsewhere

A fascinating limited television series launched at the beginning of March 2020 titled Dispatches From Elsewhere. It consisted of ten episodes and aired on AMC weekly on Mondays until the end of April. The show was produced by Jason Segel and featured four primary characters who all lead lives of various levels of mundaneness, fears, challenges, distractions and lack of direction. Sounds a bit like most of the population, doesn’t it?  These individuals – Peter, …

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Energy in the forest

Live an Aesthetic Life

Aesthetics “Officially” speaking, Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty and artistic taste. But you don’t have to be a philosopher to bask in the benefits of living an aesthetic life. Simply having a sensitivity and appreciation for beauty is a good start.  Slow down; pause; observe.  Note and appreciate those things that give you pleasure and inner satisfaction when you experience them with your senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, …

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Linderhof Palace, Bavaria


What is Romanticism? Ask anyone on the street what “Romanticism” is and you’re likely to get replies that include:  beautiful flowers, surprise gifts, elegant date nights, heartfelt love letters, tender gestures, etc. – – essentially, anything that generates romance between two people in a relationship. While that concept is nice (and important) it isn’t the same definition of “Romanticism” as my focus in this article. Specifically, I speak of Romanticism as a state of mind; …

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Ethereal clouds image

Sleepthief – Afterthoughts

A beautiful piece of music from Sleepthief: Afterthoughts featuring vocalist Lauren Edman. Heavenly . . . . .  Ethereal . . . . . (Featured image by James L. Patterson)

White Peacock image

Sleepthief – Sublunar (Sweet Angel)

Sleepthief – Sublunar (Sweet Angel) Probably my favorite female vocalist for ethereal/dream-pop/angelic/trance-type music, Kristy Thirsk. Hauntingly beautiful (as is all of her music with Sleepthief, Delerium, Balligomingo, and Conjure One). (Featured image by James L. Patterson)

Samson and the Lion by Gleb W. Derujinsky (sculpture)

Samson and the Lion – by Gleb Derujinsky

Samson and the Lion Gleb Derujinsky Limestone, 1949 Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet, SC Mr. Derujinsky must have been one of Anna Hyatt Huntington’s favorites, as there are numerous scultpures by him on the grounds of Brookgreen Gardens.  And . . . they all seem to resonate with me.   🙂 (All images by the Author: James L. Patterson)

Man Carving His Own Destiny by Albin Polasek (sculpture)

Man Carving His Own Destiny – by Albin Polášek

Man Carving His Own Destiny Albin Polášek Indiana Limestone, 1961 Brookgreen Gardens – Murrells Inlet, SC I very much like the description on the placard sign about the artist’s vision of “man chiseling himself, struggling to hack out his own character, carving his future by the effort of his will.”   This aligns in my mind with an individual’s effort to create the best person they can be during their short sojourn on this Earth – …

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CaveHill Cemetery Temple of Love image

Paul Cardall – Life and Death

Such a moving and melancholy song.  So wonderfully written and performed. The piano and strings are incredible!  It’s a piece I’d like to have played at my funeral. (Featured image by Debbie D. Patterson)

Triumphant image

Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage

Powerful. Inspiring. Epic. Invincible! I was surprised to hear this being played in the opening video montage at recent University of Louisville football games.  I had heard it numerous times previously on my Pandora shuffle of Delerium, Blue Stone, Sleepthief & Conjure One.  It’s composed by Thomas J. Bergerson and has  been used in numerous film trailers, television shows and advertisements.  This song gives me chills; moves me; envelopes me.  It makes me feel like …

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Cycle of Life by Paul Howard Manship (sculpture)

Cycle of Life – Paul Howard Manship

I share here two versions of the same beautiful sculpture – each with their own unique finish.  The Brookgreen Gardens version is a natural bronze whereas the Speed Art Museum example has a gold finish.  Both are gorgeous!  Paul Manship is one of my favorites.  The theme, particularly with the use of an armillary, is appealing to me!  My garden armillary pales by comparison.  🙂 Cycle of Life Paul Howard Manship Bronze, 1924 Brookgreen Gardens …

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The Lost Pleiade by Randolph Rogers (sculpture)

The Lost Pleiade – by Randolph Rogers

I was completely blown away and mesmerized by this gorgeous sculpture in the Art Institute of Chicago during a 2007 visit.  It evokes such ethereal beauty!  I found myself just sitting for a time gazing in awe. The Lost Pleiade Randolph Rogers Marble, 1875 Art Institute of Chicago (All images by the Author: James L. Patterson)

Map & Compass Rose image

Clannad – I Will Find You

Such a gorgeous song. I only wished they would have somehow woven the entire thing into the movie The Last of the Mohicans. It still was moving, as is the movie. (Featured image by Anne-marie Ridderhof from Pixabay)