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Assigned Curiosity – The Power of Dogmatic Paradigms

As mentioned in my post on Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions, science doesn’t work the way you think it works. The unwashed laity think science is about the noble pursuit of truth and reality as it pertains to nature; yielding an ever more accurate picture of the way nature works. Isn’t that what we’re taught to believe growing up, in our schooling, and in mass media stories?  We picture scientists working on identifying and honing […]

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Enshrine Stupidity – The Path To Civilization Destruction

I read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead twenty-four years ago in 2000.  It was recommended to me by someone at a business conference. We were asked to bring something to the conference that appealed and spoke to us, and which had a positive impact on our lives.  I brought James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh as a representation of a piece of literature that influenced me quite a bit at the time.  Someone at my table

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My First Sculpture – Wings

In early spring 2007 I took a 3-part class in Sculpting from Matt Weir at Bernheim Forest – Clermont, KY. I never really pursued much in the way of artistic activities except drawing when I was a kid/teenager. But at age 47 I had admired stone sculptures for awhile and wondered about attempting it myself. I didn’t know how to go about achieving it though. Then along came this class offered by Bernheim – so

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Unrequited Love . . .

Through most of my adult life I’ve been obsessed with unrequited love. Ask me not why or how, for I know not.  I simply, and continually, engage in repetitive fantasies of potential love ‘lost’ to my utter lack of confidence and prowess. Potential life partners, soul mates, lovers . . . . lost to hope and stupid, naive dreams. In my early- to mid-adulthood at some point I realized that my “love” was more adolescent

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Scientism – Science as a Religion

Science began with the Sumerians (c4100-1750 BCE), Babylonians (c2000 – 200 BCE) and Greeks (c500 BC – 170 AD). They accounted for wondrous observations and theories that to us seem utterly incredible for “ancient” civilizations. These treasures of knowledge and discovery were snuffed out by the dark ages in Europe (c500 – 1000 AD) due to the rise and dominance of Roman Catholicism. Science lay dormant for centuries until its revival by the scholars of

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