Why Is “Liberty & Empowerment” Important?

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I have an innate passion and drive about individualism, personal responsibility and freedom. In my ideal world each person would be as self-reliant as possible, the government would stay out of our lives and allow individuals the opportunity for ultimate growth. Any significant achievements of the human race aren’t made by wards of the state sucking from the teet of big government. It’s done with the passion & persistence of independent individuals with vision.

I absolutely refuse to accept a ‘victim’ mindset – for myself or for anyone I know. That type of living is an equation for laziness, excuses and lackluster (unguided) living. Do you want something to change in your life? Make it happen. Get out and do something about it. Make a change. Adapt. Learn. Do. Prevail. Sitting on the couch, doing the same thing you’ve always done (and that everyone does) isn’t going to cut the mustard.

You have to be different, independent, determined, have an exceptional personal work ethic. Do what has to be done. No excuses . . . . results. Excuses are for whiners.

Here’s What “Liberty & Empowerment” Includes For Me:

  • Freedom & Rights
  • Politics & Government
  • Conditioning & Control

Freedom & Rights

What are the true foundations to the creation of the United States of America? How free should individuals be to conduct business with other citizens? How involved should the government be in people’s lives? What is sovereignty? What’s an oligarchy and how is it controlling our lives? What is Problem-Reaction-Solution and how is it used to control the populace? What is true entrepreneurial capitalism versus the nasty corporatism we see today?

Where does money come from and who controls it? How far should government surveillance go, and Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? How far should we take patriotism, or allow it to drive knee-jerk (unexamined) reactions? What part should dissent play in our country? What are our rights and how much are we losing – how and why? What are our alternatives for a life of liberty?

Politics & Government

What role should government play? What forms of government work best? Which serve the rights of individuals best? What purpose should politicians serve versus the real world behavior they display (or hide)? Do politics, government and bureaucrats produce real value? Or do they destroy value?

What are the flaws in the two-party paradigm? How different are these two parties – really? Should we allow special treatment, perks, law-exemptions, benefits, ethics abuse, corruption and elitism with our politicians? What valuable product are they producing that you would voluntarily pay for right now? Who and what are the various ‘think tank’ and foundational organizations that actively involve themselves in political and strategic governmental policy and legislation?

Conditioning & Control

Each human being is born and raised in a particular culture. We’re brought up and taught with a certain set of assumptions and beliefs that we hold as ‘true’ and ‘right.’ Unchallenged, these preconceived rules of life can limit us and hold us back from becoming incredible and enlightened individuals. It can also block our critical thinking skills which would allow us to see the ruse of many of our cherished beliefs.

Running in tandem to our cultural beliefs is a massive set of media and organizations in place constantly pounding out the message that supports the existing cultural, academic, scientific, political and religious paradigms. I’ll be pointing out these paradigm control systems, their manipulations of human behavior and how they shore up the structure of our heavily conditioned existence.

Ultimately . . .

My goal is to operate as free and independent as I can; To be as educated, knowledgeable and aware as possible; To know and see the emotional manipulations of the populace as they occur and realize I don’t have to be pulled along by the game. In the end, for me, it’s Total Life Control.

(Fesatured image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)