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It’s time for me to begin writing about a subject for which I have a great passion, but have not heretofore mentioned – – – Ancient History.

No, I’m not going to bore you with archaeological information regarding an inventory of Tutankhamun’s underwear or tens-of-thousands of meaningless (so-called “contextual”) pottery shards. Rather than over-specializing and sharing the inconsequential and relatively meaningless evidence, I’ll be focusing on some outright in-your-face anomalistic evidence that blows the orthodox history paradigms out of the water.

I’ll be sharing discoveries and anomalies that scream out to us that the establishment/dogmatic paradigms are severely lacking.

Accepted Orthodox History

What does Establishment (orthodox) history tell us?  Here’s a summary of things that students of academia have pounded into their heads year-after-year (read: indoctrinated):

  • Historical changes (Paleontological, Geological and Anthropological/Archaeological) move and develop incredibly slow. Commonly referred to as gradualism which dovetails and complements the theory of evolution (micro and macro). This involves both geology (the structure of our physical planetary surface) and also the flora and fauna contained therein. There are no sudden changes. Everything evolves slowly over incredible epochs of time.
  • “Modern” anatomical humans (homo sapiens) have been around for about 200,000 years.
  • Actual “civilization”  (something beyond hunter-gatherer status) has only been around for the last 5,000 years or so – coinciding with the ancient civilizations known as the Sumerians and other related/descendant cultures (Babylonians and Egyptians). Civilization’s qualities are usually assigned attributes such as people engaging in:   agriculture, animal domestication, writing, metallurgy, division of labor, city structure, architecture, stone sculpture, art, etc.
  • North & South America was never explored/settled, or in contact with anyone from other continents, until what’s termed the Clovis culture – about 13,000 years ago, when they came across the Bering Strait.
  • And most important of all: Modern achievement (morality, philosophy, religion, technology, science, mathematics, astronomy, knowledge, architecture, building capability, laws & legality, society, etc.) has been an incremental and progressive path from primitiveness to the peak of accomplishments we live with today. We are the apex of “civilization.”
It seems so straight-forward and easy . . . . right? It makes SO much sense.
Yes, so clear and acceptable – – – as long as you don’t peek beneath the surface and examine the anomalistic evidence.   🙂

Alternative Ancient History

When one decides to do some Knowledge Adventuring, and peek below the sterile surface of “accepted” geology, paleontology, and archaeology, you’ll discover anomalistic evidence that does two things:

  1. Immediately and irrefutably calls into question the orthodox, dogmatic paradigm’s claims
  2. And opens vast horizons of wondrous discoveries and revelations regarding high technology and development during “pre-history” (prior to c. 3,500 BC)
My introduction to what I refer to as Alternative History (Alt. History) began about twenty-five years ago in March 1998 when I acquired and read the book Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. This was a few years after reading his tome The Sign and the Seal in 1995. Although the latter wasn’t a book about truly ancient history, still (at that time) I was impressed by Hancock’s extreme attention to detail and voluminous, scholarly footnotes. His style of research and discovery – with a disciplined slant towards sourcing his evidence, as well as his ability to present his story almost as a detective novel – really impressed me.
I don’t really know how or why I was directed toward Fingerprints, but after reading it I was utterly blown away. He presented evidence that flew directly in the face of orthodox history, particularly:
  • evidence of ancient civilizations using 100, 200, 300+ ton blocks in construction – all impossible from an engineering standpoint until the last few hundred years of our “advanced” technical capability
  • evidence that some of the stones are much older (due to erosion) than the granite fascia/veneer overlaid on their outer surface which was applied much later (after the erosion).
  • ancient maps from the 1400s and 1500s (based on earlier source maps) show details of Antarctica, which was supposedly not discovered by western civilization until 1820 – and interestingly enough, conveyed as ice-free (!)
Shortly thereafter in April 1998, I became interested in John White’s book Pole Shift which directly addressed a subject opposed to gradualism:  catastrophism.  This led to discoveries including:
  • thousands and thousands of animal corpses/skeletons piled together in archaeological digs that is evidence of a sudden, horrific, cataclysmic death and extinction in our historic past; animals died together that would never have cohabitated together in the same cave/homes.
  • some of these corpses were apparently flash-frozen
  • the theories of Charles Hapgood regarding ancient maps and crustal displacement
In November 2001 I discovered a web page article called “Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt” by Christopher Dunn. Mr. Dunn’s background includes decades of experience in advanced machining. With my three years of Tool-and-Die/Machining training at GE (which involved lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinders, saws, etc.) I could immediately understand his claims and validate their authenticity.  I was, again, utterly and remarkably blown away. The thrill of this alternative, esoteric knowledge discovery was absolutely incredible – – – it was unbelievable excitement!
  • tooling marks in the actual stone that cannot be accomplished by hand – only by machine
  • extremely hard stone structures and statues that absolutely could not have been carved using the primitive copper/bronze tools we’re told were in existence and used
  • also his theory of the unusual, unexplained architectural elements of the Great Pyramid that make sense in terms of it being a power-generating structure rather than a tomb
And while I certainly was digging and researching more on these exciting topics the next wondrous milestone was early 2005 when I read The History of Baalbek by Michael Alouf. I suddenly became obsessed with the largest stones ever used in actual construction – the Trilithon (and the podium stones on which they stand)!
  • twenty seven 350-ton stones, each quarried, lifted, transported, lifted again, finished carved, fitted and placed to form a three-sided podium for an ancient temple
  • three “Trilithon” stones sitting atop that podium, each 800-tons (or more) – – again, quarried, lifted, transported, lifted again, finished carved, and fitted
  • all so flush and tight that you cannot fit a knife blade or playing card between their joints
  • a 1000-ton (or more) stone still in the quarry, not yet transported or placed into the same level as the Trilithon
Future articles will expound on the details of these incredible revelations, but for now – understand that there was no turning back. I could not un-see what I had been exposed to. The evidence, and much more continually discovered, makes a mockery of orthodox archaeological theories. To date, I have 400+ books on both academic and alternative history.
With so much anomalous evidence shared by a myriad of books and researchers over the last 30+ years, surely academia is looking into revising their narratives?
No . . . . . Absolutely not.
As Thomas Kuhn shares in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions the owners of the orthodox paradigms are protecting their turf at all costs – – ignoring and disparaging any and all counter claims and their authors. Dogma is the rule of the day – – not science.

More to come . . . .

One of my strongest passions is megalithic architecture:   ancient civilizations who built with massive stones that were quarried, lifted, transported, fitted & finished in amazing walls, structures and buildings. They used stones so massive that we “modern” humans have only been able to recently lift them within the last 200 years. Extremely hard stones fitted together so closely that the seams are of space-age precision. Some of the megalithic stone workings in ancient Saqqara, Egypt display such incredible technologically advanced metrology and capabilities beyond what we can even accomplish today.

There are dozens and dozens of examples of these amazing building capabilities. I acquired a URL domain ( to start a website showing all these wondrous examples, but have not yet developed and published it. I’ll either do so on this site, or drive myself to launch the other and make it into what I had originally imagined. 

[Update: I started two sites in July 2023 – I may leave them independent, yet covering similar content, or I may stick with one primary site and discontinue the other. That decision will come later once I get a lot more articles posted and glean some inspiration as to which course to take.]

Stay tuned!

Carpe diem friends!

Featured image by Spencer Davis via Pexels license