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There’s a form of thinking that I feel we would all benefit from throughout our lives. I refer to it as Independent Thinking (or Free-Thinking).
Some of the major features of this approach are:
  • An unquenchable thirst for knowledge and Truth – regardless of where it leads.
  • Deciding to think outside the norm, beyond what the herd “thinks.”
  • Understanding that the Mainstream (Corporate) Media are pushing propagandist narratives/spin and have zero concern with Truth and Reality.
  • A strong desire to break through and dissolve dogmatic paradigms – and seeing them as the religious & scientific blockade of Truth that they are.
  • Understanding that our “education” over many years is nothing more than an indoctrination to orthodox dogma and its rigid paradigms
The Truth is well beyond what we’re being fed.

Do you want to go through life accepting that everything you’re taught, everything you’re told, everything corporate media reports and everything social media purveys, is the ultimate truth? Do you not want to question anything that’s been beaten into your head throughout your life?
Stop for a second or two . . . . . step back and pause.  Reread those last two questions. If you’re absolutely honest with yourself and you lean towards “Yes” or “I guess” or “I trust them” as answers, do you not realize that you’re flagrantly displaying a lack of curiosity and intellectual integrity? Are you satisfied living a life of dull acquiescence to what others want you to believe? Is that what you want? If that’s the case, there’s nothing in this blog that will resonate with you. Close this page and move on. Continue in your mediocrity.
Accepting everything “authorities” proclaim is living a default life – – defaulting to the manipulations of so-called “experts.” It’s a life of being pulled in any random direction by whatever the State media tells you is important and “true.” It’s living a life of lies and illusions.
If you want to be a sincere Knowledge Adventurer and Truth Seeker you need to be a True Skeptic about what’s being shoveled towards you. Question everything. Question your basic assumptions, beliefs and worldview. Question media and government narratives. What are they overtly lying about? What facts and realities are they omitting? How are they spinning this story towards someone’s benefit?
With regards to the spin, ask two questions: To whose benefit? For what purpose?  More than likely what’s being reported was instigated for someone else’s benefit beyond who they want you to believe is responsible.
Be an Independent Thinkerfree of the constraints of propaganda and indoctrination.  Question your government’s actions. Question your politicians actions. Question your religion. Question your lifetime education. Question your cultural norms. Question “science.” Question what is being purveyed as “truth.” Question the mainstream/corporate media. Question the alternative media. Question all so-called “experts” and “authorities.” Question every element of the matrix you’re living in. Somewhere deep in our reality is the objective Truth. Look for it. Insist upon it.
The downside? As you dig deeper and deeper for what actually is (objective reality), uncovering facts along the way that are suppressed by the mainstream, identifying the lies and deceptions, identifying blatant omissions, becoming red-pilled – – you’ll find yourself getting very frustrated with your family, friends and the herd who believe everything they’re told and never look for the alternative facts/reality.
Another downside? It takes awhile, but you’ll need to quell your desire to jump up on your soapbox at family gatherings and your social media accounts to preach your discoveries to a population that doesn’t want to hear them (or can’t). The herd is oblivious. You can’t change them. Any change has to occur from within – not from without. Your only hope is to perhaps pose a probing question or two and then remain silent and walk away – in the hopes it might plant a kernel of curiosity within them. Ultimately though, their awakening has to be generated from within themselves. No amount of reality and facts you throw in their face via proselytizing will make any difference.
It took me years to realize this. Let people pursue their own inquiries into life’s reality (or default to lazy thinking/living). It’s ultimately a choice.
Your choice will hopefully be:

  • Identify the topics you deem critical; subjects that resonate with you the most – they’re close to your heart and passions. Independent Thinking takes work, so don’t waste your time and resources on things that are unimportant to your life and philosophical identity.
  • Research and dig deep for both (or multiple) sides of those topics.
  • Look beyond the immediate claims of any and all sides, and find the facts backing up each of those claims.
  • Question the validity of the evidence. Is there weak (or no) evidence? Do they simply attack anyone who questions them vs. addressing the opposing facts directly? Note: this is a huge red flag! Ad hominem attacks are an immediate sign the claimant cannot address the facts at hand, so they attempt to discredit and personally attack their opponent instead.
  • Understand that Science is a process that involves always questioning theories – regardless of the new or established orthodox paradigm dogma. If the “science” can’t be questioned: it’s dogma and propaganda.
  • Question the narrative being purveyed. Does it appear that the proponents
    of the mainstream media are outright lying, or purposely covering up
    and omitting facts that destroy their claim, or simply remaining silent;
    never addressing evidence that would question the validity of the
    narrative? These are classic techniques for the propagandized media:
    Lie; Omit, Ignore.
  • Realize that the “narrative” is out there to direct the herd – who will not question it. They take security and solace from being told what to do, what to think and what to believe. The herd wants to be taken care of by their experts and authorities – they don’t want to make the intellectual and physical effort to find out facts for themselves.
Don’t be the herd. Don’t be blind. Don’t be gullible. Don’t bend the knee to “experts.”

Think independently. Think freely. Free your mind and life.

Carpe diem friends!