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My wife is incredible!

We always celebrate our anniversary with a nice card and perhaps something nice regarding a gift and/or event.  It seems that our ongoing theme is one of “adventure.”  Take note of the beautiful card she gifted me this year!  What do we mean by “adventure?”

We don’t climb mountains. We don’t sail in a yacht around the world. We don’t skydive. We don’t kayak. We don’t submarine to the bottom of the ocean. We don’t hike hundreds of miles. We don’t visit Antarctica. So . . . what makes our lives “adventurous?”

For us, we embrace adventure as activities pretty much outside the mundane.  We go to new and different restaurants. We go to art fairs. We go to garden tours. We go to antique automobile shows. We go to vintage flea markets. We go for a walk across the Big Four pedestrian bridge. We dine alfresco. We visit interesting wineries.  We visit interesting distilleries. We motorcycle in horse country. We take interesting and unique vacations (we aren’t into beaches or lakes). We do splurge and venture with vacations into the gorgeous environs of Europe. We have engaged in some great white water rafting. We do adventure on our motorcycle into the gorgeous mountain roadways. We visit the most beautiful landscape gardens in the world. We see incredible art in some of the best museums. For years we had season tickets to the Louisville Ballet.

“Adventure” can be ANY and ALL of these things. The key is to do something different – even if it’s only local. We have friends that don’t venture beyond a restaurant or bar within 2 miles of their house. They never go to any local events. They never venture beyond their mundane comfort zone.

Our goal is to see and do FAR more than the norm; to expand our horizons!


Carpe diem friends!