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You’ll find I periodically state, “Don’t deny reality.”  What does that mean and why is it important?

What is Reality?   (basic definition)

As it relates to the way I use it when I say, “Don’t deny reality,” I mean it from the simple perspective of Knowledge Adventuring:

If you have facts and/or a preponderance of evidence staring you in the face, don’t delude yourself by denying its existence.

Don’t ignore it.  Don’t default to Cognitive Dissonance.  Don’t default to Confirmation Bias.  Don’t default to Rationalizations.  Deal with it.  Embrace it as an opportunity for real growth and enlightenment.  Pursue the truth, no matter where the path of inquiry leads.

Just because this set of facts and evidence may be overturning your existing belief paradigms doesn’t mean it’s wrong – or not real.  Sure, it’s unsettling as hell, but ignoring or denying it doesn’t make it less real, or make it go away.  It only serves to make you a denying, deluded fool who can’t face reality.

Don’t stick your head in the sand.  Reality won’t go away.  Deal with it.  Change, adapt, grow.

What is Reality?  (advanced definition)

In a future article I’ll delve into the more advanced definition of Truth & Reality – from a philosophical and scientific sense. Stay tuned.

(Featured image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)