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Rosicrucians, because of their world view of questioning everything, are frequently known as Walking Question Marks.  Some applicable quotes from the monograms include:

“A true Rosicrucian is a walking question mark.”

“A lack of explanations or obscure statements never satisfy a Rosicrucian.”

“This is the spirit of the Rosicrucian – a person who is not so quick to accept as truth that which they are told is truth.  Rather, a Rosicrucian is one who is ready and willing to challenge the norm for the sake of discovering for themselves the nature of truth at any cost.”

“It is suggested that you examine various beliefs that you hold to be true and try to understand an opposing belief as if you actually held it to be true.  To be able to develop such an ability is the key to true listening and understanding and is referred to in Rosicrucian epistemology as the “polemical exercise.”

These are attributes of history’s greatest minds – Leonardo da Vinci, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Thomas Payne, Nikola Tesla, etc.  Brave minds and spirits who challenged the status quo, sought truth at all costs – some of whom paid the highest price.

Whether or not one is a student of any specific Rosicrucian system, anyone who desires to rise above the herd of the complacent and mundane should practice this approach to life. Properly done, the clinical attitude helps us tackle this pursuit via genuine critical inquiry and humble intellectual integrity.

It’s an approach to life and proper thinking that becomes the basis for wonder – as well as helping you overcome pervasive cognitive biases such as Confirmation Bias, Cognitive Dissonance and Rationalizations.

Think For Yourself; Question Everything

It’s an essential skill for the pursuit of Truth. Question everything. Doubt the veracity of what you’ve been taught and what you assume to be true.

Question your belief system. Question your world view. Question your religion. Question your teachers. Question your politicians. Question your government. Question any so-called authorities. Question history. Question science. Question duty. Question guilt. Question sacrifice. Question media. Question the popular narrative.  Question all you were taught through life. Much of what you “know” isn’t true. Seek beyond your cultural indoctrination and “education.”

Intelligence – Not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know.  – Unknown

Question everythingDon’t accept standard answers.  Find your own answers.  Assume claims are wrong until you’ve dug into them sufficiently.  Be a Walking Question Mark!

(Featured image by ShonEjai from Pixabay)